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Hello! We're Stone Table. Here to bring you noteworthy insights on the UI/UX design world, entrepreneurship, working from home, doing all the things we designers do, and telling it to you straight - the messy, the glamorous - no sugar coating here. There may also be some chatter about delicious cheeses and beers...

We're no more and no less than two designers who think they have a hell of a lot to say. Seems like everyone has a blog these days - what makes ours an interesting read?

We said "screw the man" and left our ordinary desk jobs to work from home.
We tripled our income in the first 3 years. 
We enjoy 5 hour work days most of the week.
We love our clients and they love us. 

WE ARE HAPPY. That's my proudest accomplishment of this entire feat.

Back in 2011 we had a slightly nutty, slightly genius pipe dream to leave our day jobs and form a design duo dream team. We'd spend our days tucked away in a green house - touting itself as a cupcake cafe - dreaming up mind-blowing startups and yearning for autonomy.

Can you imagine? We'd be able to wear pajamas to work, brush our teeth at 2pm, and rake in the millions from the comfort of our own couches. Let alone never have to respond to a boss figure. AGAIN.

This was the dream, people.

So, we saved whatever funds we could on a $20/hr photography editing salary and purchased our first iMacs in place of our ever-so wondrous and impenetrable 5 year old Macbook Pros. After two months of greenhouse gases and too much coffee, we took the leap and put in our notices. The timing seemed terrible but also seemed worth every impending struggle we expected to face.

Over the next few months, we practically lived at the greenhouse cupcake utopia and found ourselves referring to the bubble sanctuary as our Narnia. And just like that, Stone Table emerged.

So follow along as we unravel tales of good fortune, entrepreneurial woes, hurdles, transitions, projects, products, and all things in between.

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