Why you should build your own kickass career.

Why you should build your own kickass career.


In just 6 years I went from renting an insect infested 600 square foot apartment (seriously, we had WORMS coming in through the windows) to co-owning a business and purchasing a one acre ranch home at the base of the mountains. In just 6 years I more than tripled my income, cut my work hours in half, and did this all by saying “screw the man I’m leaving my day job to build my own career”.

You see, the thing about employment is, well, you're employed. And you're usually employed by someone else.

When you answer to someone else, your pay and upward mobility are dictated by others. You have little to no control over your financial status or your day to day employment activities. Those above us are the ones in charge. These beings are commonly referred to as "bosses", "supervisors", "managers", or "superiors".

Let's start by considering the word "superior".

No one is truly superior to you. You are you, and you have the ability to pave your own path. By choosing to remain employed by others you've successfully chosen the path of inferiority. You're choosing to stand in line behind someone else. You're choosing to accept delegation and dictation. You're choosing to accept the rigidity of schedule. Not your own schedule, but one created for and assigned to you.

Why should someone else define my vacation duration? No thanks. That is just wack.

Sure, employment offers consistent hours, consistent pay, and my favorite of all vocational swear words: BENEFITS. But is consistency all there is to a successful working lifestyle? Is that why we're all slaves to the 9-5 schedule, day in and day out? If we're so keen on consistency, why is it we're always striving for flexibility? Vacations, travel, new things, new places. It's a wonder most adults are miserable in their careers - slaving away for consistency-sake, yet desiring excitement and choice. 

I'm all for naps, people, and most jobs just don't allow them. Thaaaat's just not going to work for me.

Working hard for someone else is meritable but working hard for yourself is down right inspirational.

When you run your own show, you determine the specifics for your working lifestyle. Want to start work at 2pm? Go right ahead. Feel like taking a work break to binge eat waffles for 5 days straight? Be my guest. As long as your business supports these habits, you can truly define your own occupational parameters. 

By taking the reins, you also take full responsibility for your career. This generally increases motivation, as your day to day actions directly affect your income. Pretty crazy, yet also incredibly efficient. When your actions are in direct correlation to the success of your business, you'll find you might have a new outlook on "hard work". Working hard for someone else is meritable but working hard for yourself is down right inspirational. When employed by someone else, your decisions generally affect a product or service defined by someone else. When in the entrepreneurial seat, your decisions affect a product or service defined by you.

Starting Stone Table and redefining my working lifestyle has been my most incredible and successful accomplishment to date. Yes, it did take time, and yes, it did take effort; but only a few short years later I am basking in the glory of my decision to leave my day job.

If you can isolate a service or skill that you can provide others, you have yourself a new career. You might need to test a few paths, turn down a few one-way streets, and even make a few major u-turns but I promise that you won't regret your decision to test the road to entrepreneurship. 

More articles coming soon on how to get started and keep your new venture going!

It's Friday! Here's some spacey bread.

It's Friday! Here's some spacey bread.