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Retainers: More money. More consistency. Less hassle.

Oh the case for retainers... Phil and I were back and forth on the retainer concept for quite a few years. Sure, it offered consistency and dependent income but it also reeked of stagnation. But before I jump into our thoughts on retainer payments, let's review what a retainer is: A retainer is a flat rate amount that the client pays on a set date for an extended period of time. For example, your client might pay you $5,000 per month for 6 months...

External Read: 3 Things You Need to Know Before Designing a Report

Today's External Read was written by Elyse Bogacz from InVision. Lately, we've been getting super, duper deep into info/data design - particularly reports. This is an awesome read by InVision with some fantastic reminders about working directly with data rich content. Whether it's reports, infographics, or even dashboards, this quick read will help keep you focused on what's important.

Yes, it's okay to turn down work.

When I start blabbing about turning down work, you may start to think: "Who is this crazy lady and why would she EVER recommend that I turn down projects!?" That being said, there are certain scenarios when turning down work is not an option and other times where it might prove to be extremely beneficial. I'm specifically talking about projects from a UI/UX designer's perspective but these suggestions can be applied to nearly any business niche. Let's review the good vs. bad times to turn down new projects.

The Mysterious Life of UX Designers

If you don't follow Web Designer News, you should. Everyday they pull in a collection of highly entertaining and informative stories from all over the web. These can be in the form of articles, videos, and free stuff, all hand picked specifically for web and UI/UX designers. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you can receive these curated items right in your inbox. It's a great way to keep up on the design chatter that's circulating the web.

Sketch vs. Photoshop: Oh, the struggle.

Okay, Okay. We've all been there. You're teetering on the brink of a major tool transition and you just can't make the jump. So many new things to learn. How will you become efficient? How will this affect your workflow? Is it really worth the time and effort? You know the ins and outs of your current tool - is it really slowing you down that much? 

Mantras For Your Monday

It's that time again - the coffee binging, the baggy eyes, the making sure you put on pants this morning before your big sales pitch. Ah, Monday. Technically, I have less of these things to worry about since we work from our home offices. Nonetheless, I still feel the Mondays just like everyone else.