All in Stone Table

It's Friday! Here's some spacey bread.

Thought we'd celebrate Friday with some celestial gluten. Phil has been spending his non-working hours baking up homemade loaves and photographing his flakey creations - which oddly enough look just like planets. He's ended up with quite the collection of, what we've been referring to as, "Space Bread". So kick back and enjoy the short scroll through these yeasty wonders. Brought to you by hungry bellies and too much free time. Happy Friday!

Mantras For Your Monday

It's that time again - the coffee binging, the baggy eyes, the making sure you put on pants this morning before your big sales pitch. Ah, Monday. Technically, I have less of these things to worry about since we work from our home offices. Nonetheless, I still feel the Mondays just like everyone else. 

Cupcake Utopia

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