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The Mysterious Life of UX Designers

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Sketch vs. Photoshop: Oh, the struggle.

Okay, Okay. We've all been there. You're teetering on the brink of a major tool transition and you just can't make the jump. So many new things to learn. How will you become efficient? How will this affect your workflow? Is it really worth the time and effort? You know the ins and outs of your current tool - is it really slowing you down that much? 

Mantras For Your Monday

It's that time again - the coffee binging, the baggy eyes, the making sure you put on pants this morning before your big sales pitch. Ah, Monday. Technically, I have less of these things to worry about since we work from our home offices. Nonetheless, I still feel the Mondays just like everyone else. 

Cupcake Utopia

Hello! We're Stone Table. Here to bring you noteworthy insights on the UI/UX design world, entrepreneurship, working from home, doing all the things we designers do, and telling it to you straight - the messy, the glamorous - no sugar coating here. We're no more and no less than two designers who think they have a hell of a lot to say. Seems like everyone has a blog these days - what makes ours an interesting read?